Service Component

  • "The Mason community joins Fairfax Inova Hospital through Fear 2 Freedom to assemble after-care “Fear 2 Freedom Kits” for those affected by rape, child abuse, domestic violence, and sex-trafficking. Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University"

As part of the Chapter Next Project, we are working hard to give back to our communities in ways that are needed most.  Below are some of the ways that you can TAKE ACTION today and make a POSITIVE CHANGE in our communities.

Women Giving Back helps supply kids with nutritional breakfasts and snacks while their mothers shop, because these children often miss their meal at the shelter in order to come into WGB's facility.  WGB recently launched Snack Pack as a complement to this mission after noticing that the only meals that many of WGB's children who are living in shelters receive is at school.

This year, Mason is helping to support Women Giving Back's Snack Pack Program and we are collecting donations to fill snack packs with two-day meals during the school year, summer, and other breaks.

Items needed for Snack Packs

• Granola bars
• Fruit snacks and fruit leather
• Easy mac (individual cups)
• Canned pasta (small individual microwaveable cups)
• Mini cereal boxes
• GoGo Squeeze
• Fruit cups
• Individual flavored oatmeal
• Crackers
• Individual tuna packs
• Microwavable soup cups (not Ramen)

Please deliver all items to the LEAD Office (Monday-Friday) anytime between 9am-4pm.  Last day for donations to be delivered is Thursday, October 31st. Amazon wishlist.